Harold's Chicken

First off this place was slightly hard to find and in the middle of no where! When we got there it was pretty slow so we got our food pretty quickly. We ordered a 12 piece chicken wing, fries, and Mac & cheese. It smelled delicious, the wonderful aroma of fried chicken had me more than excited about my food. 

Let's get to the nitty gritty... 

The sauce, I suppose they are famous for it, mainly resembled a sweetened ketchup. I did not use it. 
The Mac was lacking flavor, it was essentially over cooked mushy noodles. The actual cheese part was non existent in my mind other than color. It was yellow!! I added some season salt at home to no avail or increase in flavor. The fries I'm about 90% positive were frozen and fried upon arrival. Again a mushy mess that lacked any resemblance to flavor. I watch a lot of Bar Rescue and Food Network, I know what good fries look like and taste like. Gosh, now I feel like I'm being over critical and we haven't even gotten to the chicken!!! 

The chicken, well it was fried. I can't hit home enough that it was flavorless, everything needs a huge pinch of salt. The texture was nice and crunchy and pretty light batter. I tried the wings with Harold's sauce and my own wing sauce. I didn't finish anything on my plate. That should give you a good enough idea of my overall experience. 

I def think I'll pass on Harold's in the future which saddens me because I was really excited! 

I'm still hungry and I'll still be searching for the best food always.... Stay hungry my friends. 



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