Musically enjoying some pie

This weekend I had to make a run to Chattanooga for a fundraising event but before we left I saw an interesting tweet. Food trucks on my side of town...I had to check this out! 

Apparently a little rain can't stop the show! We first tried Pita Pit which was phenomenal by the way. Then I saw what I really came for... Music City Pies!! At first I was just going to get one pie, then I was introduced to the flight! That included 1 apple, 1 lemon curd, and 1 custard. 

Honestly, I thought the apple would be my fave. It was tart, sweet, aromatic, and mighty tasty. The apples were cooked quite nicely, not to mushy (that's my descriptive word) and slightly crunchy. I didn't even heat the pie up!! 

Now I typically don't enjoy things that wiggle. Such as: jello, pudding, cottage cheese, anything gelatinous so curd was a step in the giggly direction. Nonetheless I dove in head first!! It's texture was quite surprising actually, it was smooth and almost creamy. I loved the lemon flavor it was tart in the most pleasant manner. I ranked this over the apple. 

Now this custard was different. This custard was not to sweet, not to milky, not to wiggly and giggly (hahaha😂😭). This pie was so light I didn't even feel guilty afterwards!! Hence why it was my favorite pie!!!

I here and now admit I LOVE Music City Pies!! I will always support them and their mission! I cannot wait until I get to try their meat pies, that's a whole 'nother post! 

Stay hungry my friends. 

Ray B. 

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