My not so maddening trip to Mad Donna's

It took me a few weeks to finally get out to this place. Mad Donna's is located in East Nashville and is pretty cute and quaint. When we arrived we had a 45 minute wait so we got started on the 2 for 1 mimosas. 

I really enjoyed these mimosas, I'm so over all these overpriced OJ and Bubbly mosas!! They offer several different flavorings and if you get the right bartender they'll even mix a few flavors for you!! I got pineapple and pear/pomenagranate and they were so light and refreshing. I compare every mosa' I drink to theirs now!! 

We ordered the Crab Cake Benny and let me tell you that was a fantastic decision to make!! The crab cake was cooked nearly to perfection and with a hint of spice. Not hot enough to need milk, but enough to notice it was there. They also weren't very bready and seemed to mainly be crab. The rested upon a light and airy English muffin with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce that I really didn't notice.

The home fries were good nothing to write home about but a good compliment to the Benny! They also have 2 for 1 margaritas which were pretty tasty to me and relatively simple, but also offered in a variety if flavorings. The waiter assured me it wouldn't knock me flat on my hind region or anything seeing how it's was 11:45am on a Sunday. 

Overall, I would most def return hopefully this weekend. I've already got my menu lined up in my brain. Of course mimosas and this time the French toast covered in a Captain Crunch batter. Yummers. 

Stay hungry my friends. 



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