I'm an official Sprocketeer

I'm sure you've seen the trolley looking things around downtown, passengers are peddling their heart out, yes you've seen it. It's called Sprocket Rocket. It's just as cool as it sounds. 

I'll admit I was hesitant on the fun level of this adventure, I had quite a few preconceived notions but they were all dismissed relatively quickly! The rocket is essential half motorized engine half peddling. Seriously if you stop peddling rocket basically stops working. 

Each rocket is staffed with a driver who's also the DJ (they have a AUX port) and a bar tender. The ride is BYOB and there are cups provided (you have to use theirs), it also has an ice chest and a cooler to keep your goods cold. The bar tender, Selena, was excellent! She memorized who brought what, was nice and kept all of our drinks filled. She also gave me permission to dance in the aisle lol. 

The actual tour took much longer than expected but in a good way. I assumed we'd go around the block a few times and that'd be it. But we only stopped twice; once to see the Johnny Cash wall 

(hence my photography skills seen above) and another at a bar where we were offered a special $3 shot just for us!! It also gave us some much needed time in the A/C. 
(Finally met Johnny) 
(Pictured: B-unit, Kohl, me, Jackie just before our first stop)

For my drink I made the turn up sangria special. I'll list the recipe below. The tour was extremely fun, it was a great bonding experience with my girls and I got the chance to meet some new people as well! The cost is about $30 a person but was well worth it! I can't wait to try it again! 

Turn Up Sangria 

1 bottle Sweet Red Wine 
3 shots Southern Comfort 100 proof 
1 The Peach Truck Peach
1 1/2 cup Fresh Seedless Watermleon 

Mix to taste, allow the Sangria to sit about an hour or two in the fridge prior to serving. I stored it in a large mason jar with a resealable cap.  

Drink. Enjoy. 

Stay hungry my friends...

Ray B. 

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