Super Grilled, Crazy Cheesy! The Grilled Chesserie

First off let me tell you oh great Grilled Cheeserie chefs you name far precedes you!! I knew all about your existence before even setting foot in your trucks presence. This tells me a few key things, people LOVE your food and aren't afraid to tell the world and people don't lie about how good food really is. They just don't. Not to mention that line...halfway to Mexico. Thanks Britt for thuggin the wait out for us, me and Jackie luh you for it. 

Ok back to food. The menu was easy to read/understand that didn't negate the fact that it was hard to narrow down what I needed... I mean wanted. Oops. 

I went with the Pimento Mac & Cheese. Then waited some more... 
Finally I've got it! Honestly, it was so hot I couldn't eat it for about 5 minutes lol. But my first bite was kinda surprising. 

The bread they used was grilled to perfection, it was crunchy, salty, and buttery on the outside. The interior of the bread was so soft but not mushy. The noodles inside were also cooked slightly al dente so they held their shape and were filled in the inside with cheese sauce. Don't let me forgot the tangy bacon whipped into the Mac. 

The only thing that disappointed me was the tomato slice inside of it. For some reason I over looked that ingredient. I tried a bite, buuuuutttt I couldn't do it. I actually burned my fingers trying to get it off lol. 

Last thing, even if you don't get tots or fries make sure you get TOT SAUCE!!! Sweet, tangy, spicy, yummy all these words encompass this sauce. I dunked my sammich in it every bite! 

Yes I will go back to The Grilled Cheeserie and I will love it. I'll likely order tots and try a different bread to switch things up!! 

Stay hungry my friends... 

Ray B. 

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