White Castle vs Krystal

I know what your saying..."So what I've had White Castle and Krystal before, what the big deal?" Well guess what...I've never had Krystal Burgers in 25 years of life. Whereas White Castle? That place has saved me many a nights around 1-2am when hunger strikes and a few adult beverages later. Nothing hits the spot like those baby sized burgers. 

So on my way home I made the decision to finally mosey on over to this southern fried tradition. 

The burger was seriously regular and overly onion-y they were small strips of onion not finely chopped. Unlike my white castles. The bacon on the other hand was mighty crisp and full of porky smokey flavor as I bit down with my incisors. The cheese was average, the meltiness was long gone by time I got home and actually stuck to the bottom of its container and formed to the bottom left corner. GROSS. 

Now their waffle fries. That's something to talk about. Crispy flavor, seasoned wonderfully, and greasy as ever (don't worry I did the napkin dab before hand). Honestly, they probably weren't that awesome but compared to my burger it was a nice treat. 

I know probably everyone on the planet has had either one of these two places. I realize it's not fine dining nor hole in the wall but hey I'm new to the south...don't judge. 

All in all when that 2am craving hits I'm taking my talents to the Castle. 

Stay hungry my friends... 

Ray B.  

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