Windy City Pizza

Yesterday I'd totally planned on eating left overs for lunch. Exciting right? Please... Until my awesome boss said "Hey let's get Windy City". 

You know me, I'm down to try anything once...mostly. 😳

Of course I was given the task of ordering the pie. We got a large deep dish The Works pizza!! Then waited for it to be delivered. 

40 minutes later... 

It's yummy cheesy aromatic goodness arrived, we at the office were more than delighted. I opened the box and this is what we saw, feast your eyes on this bad boy (or girl, whatever your preference is) 

I myself don't care for mushrooms or olives, not a nere olive or shroom got picked off. I literally ate it all! The crust although it was deep dish didn't feel like it. It was thick and buttery and airy. I usually hate deep dish because the crust gets all mushy, but this crust was strong and the ingredients weren't watery. Likely because they weren't frozen. 

The actual taste of the pizza was remarkable! The cheese was gooey and melty and full of flavor, it actually tasted like a complex cheese blend. The ingredients on the pizza included: pepp, Italian sausage, shrooms, green peppers, and olives. The ingredients tasted like they were high quality and no corners were cut. As a hungry girl I truly appreciate this, I'm cheap but my food shouldn't be!! 

This place is located in Hendersonville and they just recently opened a new location in H-ville. I will def eat there again maybe try their tradish pizza!! Windy City Pizza is a MUST TRY!! 

Stay hungry my friends. 

Ray B. 

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