Mo' to tha Nell's

This post is not just about my dining experience it is dedicated to my loving grandmother Sarah H. Ball known as "Granny" to me... RIP. I love you and miss you dearly. 

(In front of the Manor with my partner in crime, Justin) 

When I was younger my grandmother would fry us chicken almost every Thursday. I remember watching her use the cast iron skillet that I now use for almost every meal. I remember getting to close and getting popped by grease and her sneering at me. I can laugh about this now as an adult. She did all this cooking for no reason other than she loved us. My grandmother's love had an  affect on my life that cannot be explained by words. She passed away a few years ago and it was hard on my family to say the least. A lot of recipes I use I got from her; her recipes usually didn't include any form of measurements. I'm guilty of that too. I'd be a terrible tv cook, I sprinkle things here and there and go with 'what looks right'. 

It's been years since I've had her chicken and it saddened me that I've never been able to get her recipe just right. I have an electric old stove now so it's a def no-go on trying. I'll wait until I get another gas. 

Anywho I haven't tasted ANY FRIED CHICKEN anywhere near hers until I tried Monell's...
(Glory, glory, glory) 

First off, this location is quite special and decorated so eloquently. I feel at home as soon as I sit down. None of the plates match, they offer sweet tea and lemonade (Arnold Palmers on deck), a first round of fluffy biscuits and sweet corn bread. I love it. I don't feel like I should drink with my pinky up. 

All meals are served family style. There is a large dining table that can seat 10-12 folks. The food is served in large bowls filled with delicious authentic home cooked goodies. Monell's has a different menu everyday except for their fried chicken, it's served with every glorious meal. 

Back to the chicken... 

It's crispy and crunchy but not so crunchy that the skin breaks into pieces all over your lap. The meat...boy... Cooked to fried chicken  perfection. When you take a bite it's tender and juicy. The meat pulls away from the bone but not mushy, there's substance to this food. The main thing I noticed is when you bite into your chicken it isn't greasy. I mean yea it's fried but it literally doesn't drop grease!! All that comes out is salty briny juices. The seasoning on the chicken exterior is somewhat complex although I'm sure they use simple ingredients. The love is what makes it so good!! 

I add hot sauce and honey. Call me old school or country or old school country. Nothing beats sweet and heat. Ever. 

The main reason I thoroughly enjoyed Monell's is that it was able to replace an piece of me that I thought I'd lost for ever. The simple memory of my grandmother. My experience took me to a happy place and allowed me to remember the good times with her in the kitchen. Maybe I actually owe Monell's more than a thank you... 

But for now this hungry girl can offer a smile, support, and a thank you. That's all I got and it's not much I know. I'll always tell the world how awesome you are Monell. You are the winner. You deserve the MVP. 

Stay hungry my friends. 

Ray B. 

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