No Chili...whyyyyyy?!?

I went home this weekend to see my friends and fam in Cincinnati and Columbus for July 4th. Not until I made it alllllll the way back to Nashville did I realize I ate no chili while I was home. No Gold Star, Skyline, Pleasant Ridge, Camp Washington, Price Hill or Chili Time!! 

Now for all you non-Cincinnatians you may not understand the importance of chili with noodles (yes hunty spaghetti noodles) or a chili coney. You may not understand the difference between a 3,4,5 maybe even a 6 way. 

More important you may not know how awesomely simple yet delicious oyster crackers with a dab of hot sauce on it may be. Me personally, I bite the top of the cracker so it's like a mini pita pocket for my hot I literally laughed out loud as I wrote that lol!! 

Real quick I'll tell you why Cincinnati Chili sets itself apart. There a few ingredients never spoken of when talking about chili, they include: cinnamon, allspice, chocolate and, cloves. Let it sink in. And please don't knock it before your try it boo boo!!

But for all you local or non local folks who have had it realize what a real tragedy it was to not get a chili coney this trip!! Don't get me wrong I LOOOVED seeing my fam and friends, I just wish I woulda' stopped for a coney...or two. Who doesn't love those coney's with the cheese all melty in the styrofoam containers when you get home?!? 

Maybe my folks will get a coney crate and drive it down here when they visit next weekend!! A hungry girl can only hope. 

***I do not take credit for these photo's pictures***

Stay hungry my friends. 

Ray B. 

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