Ginger and a Girl

Ginger is considered an herb and can be consumed in many different ways such as: 
minced, chunks, powder, ginger root, or crystallized to name a few. 

The top 6 medical implications that ginger can help with are: 
1. nausea/vomiting
2. dizziness 
3. arthritis 
4 morning sickness
5. menstrual cramps 
6. inflammation 

When I was 19 years old I developed gallbladder disease, essentially when I ate fatty foods no bile was excreted to help break it down. In turn I would get extremely nauseous and in most cases vomit nearly after each meal. 
I mean I lost about 20lbs, flash forward to now I'd love to lose 20lbs! I was a young healthy girl who played college soccer and ate decently, as decent as cafeteria food can get. It was nearly a year before anyone could figure out what was wrong with me! I'll never forget it, I had my surgery on Christmas Eve so much for ham, dressing, greens, macaroni, and yams...
Shortly after my surgery I developed symptoms that were worse than the ones I had before I'd had surgery. I had constant stomach pain, nausea, and generally crampy feelings. This is when ginger ale popped into my life. It was simple, I felt terrible, I drank an overly carbonated ginger beverage, I felt better. 

I grew up drinking Vernor's, now I'm 100% brand loyal to Canada Dry. Now when my tummy starts acting out of order I can send my loving, wonderful, understanding, and handsome boyfriend to get me some! 

Recently I was introduced to crystallized ginger. It was spicy and I don't mean hot chicken spicy but a more complex spicy. It had kick and literally opened my sinuses WIDE OPEN. The sugar coating was purely for fun in my opinion. Nonetheless it had prompted me to try and work on creating a few EASY and healthy ginger recipes in the month of September. They include: 
- peach ginger green tea
- DIY crystallized ginger
-DIY ginger salad dressing

To get more info on the benefits of ginger you can check out this website, or WebMD!

I will be posting my first recipe the first week of September, so watch out for it! 

Stay hungry my friends...

Ray B. 

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