Hot boxing...

Hot's not what you think, we don't live in Colorado!! Instead it's the complete's a fast paced kick boxing gym located locally in the trendy upbeat Gulch area. 

I discovered Hot Box Nashville months ago I just never pulled the trigger! I don't mind working out, I just get increidbly bored!! So bored that I don't want to go anymore...don't judge :(. 

Anywho, the ONLY THING easy was getting signed up. I called set up a time and showed up 15 minutes early. We were quickly greeted by a nice and energetic employee. They did our wraps and sent us off to our room, heated between 82 and 86 degrees for an hour, cool right? 

 The instructors were great!! They kept a watchful and encouraging eye on us the whole workout. Even taking time to go over combos one on one with us. Don't get me wrong that damn class was hard. But it's the type of hard you need to reach your fitness goals, and to a certain extent it's self paced. Honestly, I wasn't nearly as self conscious or insecure as I thought I'd be. That was very refreshing!!!

 (Me and J post workout...evidence we survived) 

All in all it's a great place and we even signed up to go next Saturday ( @ 11am, if anyone wants to join but make sure you GET SCHEDULED prior to the class )! You can get more info at:

Stay hungry (and in shape) my friends.

Ray B. 

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