Spotlight Feature: The Peach Cobbler Factory, Nashville TN

Anyone who's visited the Nashville Farmer's Market likely has at least sampled The Peach Cobbler Factory and they're glorious peach cobbler. It's sweet, gooey, tangy, soft, melts in your mouth, has a little bit of chew to it. It's the closetest any cobbler has been to tasting like my Granny' me, that's saying A LOT coming from me!

We wanted to know a little more about The Peach Cobbler Factory and I think we got all the answers to the questions we needed plus a little more! Please read, the owner seriously has a great story...
First stop lets get your social media info taken care of, do you have an Instagram or twitter account?
yes!  @cobblerfactory on Instagram & Twitter. You can find The Peach Cobbler Factory on Facebook as well

Here are they're business hours:

> 1. What brought you to Nashville?  Or are you a native?
I moved to Nashville from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

> 2. How'd you get the idea to make and sell cobblers?
I always loved making cobblers for my family & in my catering business. Most of our cobblers are inspired by family recipes.

> 3. What drew you to using the Nashville Farmer's Market?
I really wanted to be in the heart of the city where we could have access to a diverse customer base. Also, the market gives us access to the best fruits of the season!

> 4. Who inspires you and what is most fulfilling about baking cobblers?
I'm inspired the most by Chef Jeff Henderson. He has a unique story & uses his training as a chef to help young people. I love people that's why I love this business. It gives me a chance to make friends with all types of people from around the world.

> 5. Is the recipe for cobbler yours or was it handed down?
Most recipes are inspired by my grandmother. Some, for example Cinnamon Peach Praline is a recipe unique to the cobbler factory.

> 6. What are The Peach Cobbler Factory's future plans?
We are looking to continue our growth at Nashville Farmers Market but are exploring other retail & wholesale options as well.

What I love about The Peach Cobbler Factory is that they are real people, that live, survive, and thrive in our community. She cooks and creates great food from her soul, plus I'm sure she also loves her own food! We hungry girls sure wish her the best of luck!

Everyone make sure you check her out at the Nashville Farmer's Market and get some of the best cobbler this side of the Mississippi TODAY...

Stay hungry my friends...

Ray B.

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