Spotlight Features - Starts this week!

We at A Few Hungry Girls want to highlight businesses not just here in Nashville, but around the country! The purpose of these features are to introduce small locally owned resturants, food trucks, and bakeries/coffee shops to my audience and help grow their businesses!

I'm the queen of researching local restaurants when I'm traveling before I even get to the city! Granted I don't get to eat everywhere I research but it's nice to know I have backups! Does anyone else do this:

You: Where do you want to eat?
Me: I don't care, where do you want to eat?
You: Um I don't care where ever you want to eat...
Me: I still don't know...
You: I guess we'll starve.

So in an effort to aid in this we will feature menus, photos of their food, average price points, contact info, social media information, and locations!

If your a locally owned business and you'd like to be featured please contact us at:, subject "features".

Stay hungry my friends...

Ray B.

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