Music City Food and Wine Fest 2015


Today I had the pleasure of going to my first food and wine festival ever! Words really can't describe how much fun I had and I got to share it all with my wonderful boyfriend. This event was welcoming from the beginning when we walked in there was an awesome Infiniti display, got the chance to check out some dream cars! Each person was given an cute recyclable bag, a plastic wine glass, and a few Goo Goo Clusters..they were very tasty and I understand the cult following now.

Immediately upon arriving I saw this really awesome Iron Chef and one of the hosts of The Chew, you may have heard of him Michael Symon. So I ate some grilled chicken first, then bought one of his books which I plan on cooking my way through. I waited patiently in line like a giddy child waiting to see Santa, when my time came and I was so nervous. Then I met him, and he decided to talk trash about my 3-0 Bengals, but he was great despite his love for his Cleveland Browns...oops.

Chef Symon also did a demo on paella which is one of my top secret favorite dishes, I've only made it once and it just bleh and I've had it professionally cooked once and it was AWESOME. The best thing I took from his session is when he talked about what sausage to use in your paella and how it directly relates to your home. He's from Cleveland...ain't many Spaniards there (and yes I used ain't), so he likes to use kielbasa. I've decided, when I build up the muster to make it, I'll use goetta it's a Cincinnati thang! The one he made today was a Nashville Hot Chicken Paella with Hattie B's famous chicken. His adult language was actually quite refreshing, I know it's weird but sometimes I want grit not that 'gosh darn, by golly' stuff in the kitchen. Nonetheless I absolutely enjoyed every second of his demo and his loyalty to Ohio and Cleveland.

Below are just a few pics I snapped of some of the dishes I was able to sample. I did eat and drink much more than this but these pics are all I remembered to take prior to my first bite. Enjoy... 

Pinewood Social - Veal Tongue

The Art Institute of Nashville - Culinary - Caramel Cake

Watermark Restaurant - Crab Mac & Cheese

Martins BBQ - Whole Hog BBQ

Sinema Restaurant - Cardamon French Toast

Moto Cucina + Entocea - Citrus Trout

Josephine on 12th 

Hattie B's - Mini Hot Chicken Bun

1808 Grille - Adobo Braised Pork

Tavern - Pork Rilletes w/ Bacon Cap
 Last pic I promise, I met the awesomely adventurous and crazy Andrew Zimmern...thank god he didn't bring any bugs, dead fish, rotten shark meat, or pickled snake heads hahahaha. 
I hope I am blessed with the opportunity to attend this wonderful event again next year, hopefully I will receive less hate for supporting my Bengals I can't help it we're 3-0 :). I also really encourage others to attend this event, you don't have to be a foodie, chef, blogger, or critic to enjoy good food around good people! Can't wait until 2015!!

Stay hungry my friends...

Ray B.

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