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 Otaku South
I'm new...wait I can't use the "I'm new" thing anymore its been 9 months. So I'm slightly a resident of Nashville and for months I'd heard about Otaku South, but I couldn't get over the Ramen noodle thing; I couldn't understand how one could class those things up. I only remember eating the incredibly cheap, salty, and delicious treat either at 12am or before soccer practice because the cafeteria was sub par putting it nicely...very nice.

Actually my boyfriend is the one who convinced me to give it shot after I showed him all the Otaku pics on my phone and my continuous re-gramming on IG! So we showed up on a Friday night looking to try something new, and boy did we find it! The food was phenomenal and I've already recommended Otaku to several people local and even out of state! The dishes are incredibly flavorful, in fact nearly unexplainable because I've never tasted such great food! I don't mind the egg so much either...

Although Sarah is incredibly busy running the versatile, hip, fresh, organic POP Nashville. But POP is another post :). We had a chance to catch up with her and find more about Otaku South...
Twitter: @OtakuSouth
Instagram: @OtakuSouth

 Address: POP Nashville
                604 Gallatin Ave Ste 201
                Nashville, TN 37206
Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 
Lunch: 11:30 
Dinner: 5:30

1. What brought you to Nashville or are you a native?

I am from Columbia TN just south of Spring Hill. I spent 17 years in LA and decided to move back 5 years ago.
2. How'd you get the idea to make and sell Ramen? Was is your fave food in college?

Los Angeles greatest asset (in my mind, other then the weather and the beaches) is the incredible diversity of ethnic food available. You can pretty much GO to Japan in Los Angeles. So I did, A LOT in the 17 years I lived there. Traditional ramen (not college, or “Top” Ramen as it were) is a very habitual food. The more you eat it, the more you want it and love it. I had a Japanese grocery store up the road from my house that I would frequent. It had a ramen shop in the food court..it changed my life. It was my favorite meal to eat by myself. Just me, and my thoughts and a bowl of magic. A bowl of Santouka ramen would literally change my mood from a bit gnarly, to really awesome! It’s special.

3. What drew you to using the POP space in East Nashville?

This was the original commissary kitchen for OTAKU SOUTH, and I never thought I would open a place here, but the more we looked at the opportunity the more it made sense. We love it here. Have you seen the sunsets from our patio? Stunning

4. Who inspires your and what is most fulfilling for what you do?

 Oh wow, where do I begin? I am drawn to the creative faculty in so many modalities, not just cooking, but the Chefs I admire the most are the ones who have built veritable empires while remaining close to their kitchen. Chef means “chief” not “cook”, which I realized when I set foot in a commercial kitchen. Two Southern Chefs I admire the most are Frank Stitt and John Currance (sp?). They are incredible business men, with a palpable passion for what they do and a deep connection for their communities. That makes me swoon. 

5. How did you develop your recipes? 

Probably different then a trained chef. For me RAMEN is about knowing the rules and then breaking them. I could never make an “authentic” bowl of Tokyo style Shoyu ramen, because I simply can’t get the same soy, and dashi they use, and those are the key elements of that dish, so I really work to create recipes that ring the memory bell but stand out as unique enough to be accepted on their own.


GIVE A WAY TIME!! If you can answer these 2 questions correct, you'll win a dinner for 2 that includes 2 buns and 2 ramen bowls!! Please leave answers in the comment box below..

1. Why is it important to SLURP your noodles
2. What is the average time it takes to eat a bowl of noodles and why? 

Happy guessing ya'll!! 

Stay hungry my friends...

Ray B.

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