Why I'm Cutting the Crap!

A Few Hungry Girls

Cut the Crap 21 Day Detox Program

Bottom line, I needed to cut the crap out of my diet, that’s it! After having my gallbladder taken out at age 19 things quickly changed my eating habits, no more greasy foods they said. Well me, being the collegiate athlete who thought she could eat anything she wanted SOON realized she couldn't. Honestly, it still didn't start there…not until I graduated from college did it all catch up with me. I gained nearly 15 pounds in a year…that’s only 365 days!! Even then, it didn't start there!

Fast forward 2 years, I suffered from IBS, on a weekly basis I had problems, and then came the fibromyalgia diagnosis. Shortly afterward I was prescribed a medication for my pain, the doctor left out some of the side effects such as: weight gain, water retention and increased hunger. So I was hungry, pudgy, and always felt bloated. This was not a miracle drug, in fact it was a nightmare…I stopped taking it but my body went through withdrawal and I suffered migraines daily. I felt alone. I work in healthcare and often heard how co-workers judged other fibro patients. I was alone. Even then 20 pounds later… It still wasn't the turning point.

Flash forward to NOW. I’m 26, work long hours, suffering from what I call FATigue, and probably some depression. When I was 21 this is not how I pictured my life, nonetheless I have a job, the bills get paid (eventually), I have food in my fridge, I have no life threatening conditions, and a wonderful man in my life, I’m thankful. I wouldn't necessarily call myself fat, but I am quite thick like no plastic surgery video girl thick (some of ya'll know what I'm talking about). I don’t care about weight; I want to be healthy all around! So now I’m ready to Cut the Crap, this not only includes unhealthy dietary habits, but negativity in my life, and as much stress as possible. Are you ready to join me…? 

The program is free, I just ask that you update us with your progress, reach out when you are tempted, and be there so we can all congratulate you when you've completed your program! 

What Crap are we cutting?
1.       Alcohol (which is hard, I love wine about as much as Olivia Pope)
2.       Bread (muffins, waffles, garlic knots, etc.)
3.       Fast food (I've created a meal plan for you)
4.       Sweets (even dark chocolate…)
5.       Pasta (Ciao Pasta Bella)
6.       Processed foods ( anything in a box)

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