Cut the Crap - Week 1

I made it through my first week of the detox with no major hiccups! The next 2 weeks don't seem to bad, the hardest day was day 3 because my hunger was at its highest point. I mean I was hungry all day from start to finish, I felt very weak and lethargic. Seriously, I was dying for some coffee but that was nixed seeing how I like more cream than coffee and that clearly goes against the whole detox. So I attempted to drink very black unsweetened coffee... I don't see how people do it, it was terrible. I chugged it and vowed never to drink coffee black lol. 
I did a pretty good job at meal planning, it was my first time prepping that much food that for that many days, lucky for me it ran pretty smooth with the help of my Crock Pot and Sam's club! I also developed a few new recipes for a Clean Breakfast Bar, a juice, and a vinaigrette!
Shopping List for Sam's Club: 
bulk sugar snap pea's 
bulk mixed veggies 
bulk baby carrots 
Pomegranate seeds 
boneless skinless chicken breast 
romaine lettuce 
red and yukon potates 
light cheese sticks
(chicken and potatoes in Crock Pot)

This shopping trip cost about $65 and I still have mixed veggies that I cooked, cooked and uncooked baby carrots, romaine lettuce, salmon, and pomegranate left. The key to all this was MEAL PREP! It took about 20 minutes, I threw everything into the pot with the seasonings listed on the Cut the Crap page!  

I'm pretty proud of myself!! Before the week I'd taken 2-4 tums fast chews almost every night, or I awoke with awful heartburn in the middle of the night. Since I've started the detox I haven't had any heartburn and almost no stomach pains, even my bloating has gone down!

I really encourage everyone who reads this to try it out (pending your physicians approval)! If you have any questions, concerns or you'd like to make a modification please don't hesitate to ask or leave a comment below! 

Here are a few of the meals I've made this week: 

Day 1-4 Dinner and Lunch - Crockpot Meal

Day 2 - Rise and Shine Juice 

Day 3 - Clean Breakfast Bar

Day 5 - Salmon, Curried Veggies, and Agave Glazed Carrots 

Day 6-7 lunch - Salmon Salad with Pomegranate Vinaigrette (recipe on my IG account)

Day 4 - Sweet Meat Jerky snack 

Thank you for everyone supporting me and this detox, this program is FREE and anyone can join I only ask you keep us posted on your success and reach out for support! Remember: There are no failures, only set backs, that's life and life will go on so get back up and get back on track! 

Stay hungry my friends...

Ray B.

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