Cut the Crap - Week 2

Week 2 weekend was by far the hardest time for me. Monday - Thursday was good,  I had my meals planned and prepped for lunch and dinner. I made 3 bean chili with baked chicken and salad for lunch, but work was really tiring for me and I didn't have much energy after work to work out much.

Then the weekend came... and I went to Cincinnati. This was a major setback as far as my eating goes, I wasn't nearly as disciplined as I should have been! I felt so guilty for having chicken wings, red beans and rice, macaroni, and cornbread. Then I looked back over my weekend today and realized a good point that I have learned throughout this detox... PORTION CONTROL! The amount of food I actually ate was very small, I never overate!!

This really made me smile on the inside. As I enter my last week of this process I am so hopeful that I can continue with meal prep, portioning my meals, and having healthy snacks! It's so easy to grab chips and sweets and say "Oh I'll only eat a few" unfortunately I don't. I eat a bowlful when I'm tired, when I'm craving something, or when I'm hungry and dinner isn't ready; now I grab an apple, carrots, or pears.

As I enter my third week I will stay positive and not get distracted! As soon as I finish I will be calling on YOU to start the program and let me help coach you through it!

Stay hungry my friends...

Ray B.

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