Healthy Apple Nachos

This morning I wanted something sweet, crunchy, and easy! So I made healthy Apple Nachos... This recipe is really easy, a tad on the healthy side and takes all of 15 minutes to make. Your kids will love helping you make this! I don't have kids, so it makes me look really fancy in front of my  friends and family when I bring this to parties!  Here's how I made them: 


2 Apples cut into slices
1 tablespoon peanut butter 
1 tablespoon Nutella 
1/2 tablespoon chopped pecans 

1 sliced banana
3-4 crumbled graham crackers


1. Thinly slice apples into wedges. 
2. Heat peanut butter and Nutella in 2 seperated bowls for 30-45 seconds. 
3. Once creamy drizzle each onto apples. 
4. Sprinkle chopped nuts onto apples and optional ingredients


You can use any nut you'd like or a combo of nuts or hook it up by drizzling some caramel on top for extra richness, then adding a sprinkle of apple pie spice (it's almost fall right?)! Get creative with it!! 

Stay hungry my friends... 

Ray B. 

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