Top 3 Foodie Gadgets from Etsy

What foodie or home cook doesn't like new gadgets? I mean I just got a coffee french press and I thought I was queen of the world and made coffee even when I had no intentions of drinking it! Over the last year I scoured the web for super cool and trendy products that I would love to have in my own home! I made sure make this list was diverse, featured small businesses, and were pretty cool. Here's who made the list:

1. Taco Plank - cedar serving plate with stainless steel  cups

Taco Plank 

Designed and made by: Jonathan Sebastian for Lunar Lounge
These super cool planks are made from Cedar planks and dowels w/ stainless steel cups perfect for salsa, guac, or queso! This neat gadget can be adjusted to hold between 1-3 tacos, if features a pair of holes that can hold your salsa/guac/queso cups!

To purchase please click the link: Lunar Lounge Design

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Twitter: @lunarlounge
Instagram: Lunarlounge
FB: Lunar Lounge Furniture Design
Pinterest: Jonathan Sebastian / Lunar Lounge

2.  Hot Cheetos Fast Shipping!! Nike Elite Socks Customized CHEETOSPepperoni Pizza Customized Nike Elite Socks!!Doughnuts Customized Donuts Nike Elite Socks - Fast Shipping!! Peanut Butter Jelly Jif Smuckers Customized Nike Elite Socks - Fast Shipping!!     

   Fresh Elites

Custom Nike Elite Socks that are printed with a number of nostalgic and tasty designs! Plus, you can get them in any size to fit you need, even you ladies!! And fella's these socks are custom and handmade to order from a few dope and creative sneaker heads! They do offer Elite socks that aren't food related, but really nothings better than food and socks!

To purchase please click the link: Fresh Elites

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Instagram: @_fresh_elites

3. Breaking Bad Cutting Board Heisenberg Engraved Bamboo Cook~ Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, Birthday, Christmas Gift, Gift for him, Lets cookCustom Engraved Wood Initials Monogram Cook Book Stand Recipe Stand Tablet Stand Docking Stand Kindle Nook & iPad Stand

Cabany Co. 

First of all this 'Lets Cook' cutting board is EVERYTHING and I will be purchasing it soon! Then there's this awesome customized book stand, for most tech junkies like myself this is perfect for using it for your iPad (it includes a charging dock as well - see pictured)! Both of these make a perfect gifts especially since they can customize with fonts and pictures!

To purchase please click the link: Cabany Co.

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How cool were these products, they are all handmade, one of a kind, and you can support small US businesses! Check them out today!

Stay hungry my friends...

Ray B. 


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