Ray's All Purpose Smoky Spice Rub!

Ray’s All Purpose Smoke Rub

This rub goes perfect on just about anything! I typically use it on chicken or pork chops because they tend to dry out more when you bake them.

(Side Note: I don’t use oil or butter to keep my white meat juicy, I wrap it in 2 layers of aluminum foil. This way the meat cooks evenly and it creates it’s own steam and juices to keep it nice and moist! Best part is nearly all the fat renders down when you cook it this way instead of you eating it all greasy YUCK. Plus, I don’t have a gallbladder so I stay away from grease as much as possible!)

Anywho, this spice rub has a deep smoky flavor from the mesquite smoked salt and a little bit of heat from the hot paprika. Don’t be afraid of hot paprika, it tastes like it should be hot, but it isn’t, instead you get a warm complex flavor! I haven’t tried this on ribs yet, but you better believe as soon as I get one, I’m grilling EVERY THANG! I love playing with spice mixtures and creating some new crazy flavor on my food I’d never expected! I also don’t want to purchase pre-made spices because you really never know what's in them, I want to know what I consume and where it comes from! Here’s how I made it:


*you can double or triple this recipe if  you  need to*
1 tablespoon of the following:
Smoked Salt
Hot Paprika
Roasted Garlic Powder
Onion Powder
Italian Seasoning

½ tablespoon of Black Pepper


Mix all ingredients in an air tight container and can stored for several weeks!

Stay hungry my friends…

Ray B.

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