White Castle + Chicken and Waffles = Hol' up...Slider?

Yes... it's true y'all White Castle (what you crave) now offers a Belgium Waffle w/ Chicken Slider and den a breakfast slider and den a strawberry and cream dessert slider. I could only eat so many sliders in a row so I started off with the Chicken and Waffle.

Prior to ordering the Chick and Waff I wondered how big the slider would actually be? Should I go with 2 for $5 or just get one for $2.69, I went with one and also got a veggie slider, but that's a whole different post! Back to the Chick and Waff... let me start off by saying they were delicious!! Not at all what I expected, I thought it was going to be like those bland funny tasting waffles you get at continental breakfast.

This slider has a delightfully sweet waffle but not overpowering, mixed with the saltiness of the bacon ... yep, I said BACON this slider was perfect! Let's get to the chicken, it wasn't dry like I thought it'd be and it  was definitely bigger than the hamburger sliders!

The Chicken and Waffle slider typically comes with gravy on it as well, but I don't like foods that giggle (pudding, jello, yogurt) so I opted not to get it. I don't regret that decision at all, I think it may have overpowered the taste of the chicken and sweetness of the waffle. Bottomline... it was pretty, I'm getting the 2 for $5 next time. Maybe even the strawberries and cream... I gotta burn off a few calories first though!

Stay hungry my friends...

Ray B.

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