Fresh to Death - Why You Should Visit Your Farmers Market

Top 3 Reasons to Visit Your Farmers Market

Every city has a local farmers market, is most cases they offer the freshest fruits and veggies at the best prices. For years living in Cincy I never fully took advantage of our Findlay Market located downtown. I treated it as a tourist location that I had to plan my whole day around instead of seeing it for what it really was, the freshest grocery store the city has to offer!

I can't scream this loud enough!! It's so incredibly important to support your local small businesses, not just at the farmers market but clothing stores, food trucks, local services (dry cleaning, boutiques, etc). These people are our friends and family and help to invigorate our local communities one purchase at a time, as well as driving our economic freedom as small biz owners.

When at the farmers market you don't have to worry as much as veggie with tons of pesticides and preservatives in it. The veggies are planted, grown, and picked by real human beings not a machine. There's a change of sweat on your food not chemicals. For those of us who meal prep and try to ea clean having foods like this at your fingertips is a blessing.

I love love love love cooking with foods I know are clean and fresh! There's nothing like cutting up real veggies and slicing yummy fruit. The more I grow and embrace my health I thoroughly enjoy the cooking process from start to finish. Picking out the best looking bunch, cleaning each piece at home, throwing it into a pot, and cooking it. Ok, really I like to eat it...

When it comes to canned foods... What did Neyo say back in the day "I just can't get down like that".

Enjoy the following pics I snapped while at my local farmers market in Cincinnati: Findlay Market:

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  1. Love! The farmer's market is my favorite place to find produce (and meat too sometimes)! You can find some of the best prices and neatest items there.