Southern Comfort Tea


Yep... I said it. Yep... You heard right. I made a drink with 3 of my FAVE ingredients! Tea, melons, and alcohol --- I'm not the only one! There's nothing better than a cold, smooth, strong grown up drank on cool summer nights. It's super easy to make and can be made ahead so the flavors can meet, greet, and love each other.

Another good things about this drink is you can make it virgin for the kiddies!! Plus, I mean really, who doesn't like to use a melon baller? Yep a melon baller as in fancy pants tea party melon balling. 

I used honeydew, cantaloupe, and watermelon for my ice cubes! I balled out (you see that there...) all the melons and placed them in a freezer bag ahead of time! I also brewed about 4 cups of Apple Cinnamon Herbal Tea. I prefer Celestial Seasonings because it's a great overall tea brand that produces consistent cups each time. 

(This recipe is for one glass, double recipe for more and so on)  

**to make it easier I'll do all measurements in terms of shots from a standard shot glass**

1 shot of 100 proof Southern Comfort (the turn up is typically real)
2 shots of Apple Cinnamon Tea 
1 shot of Ginger Ale 
Top with 4-5 frozen melon balls 


Stir this drink DO NOT shake!! If you do the melons will get mushy a lot faster! 


Stay hungry my friends... 

Ray B. 

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