4 Ways To Get Healthy Faster!!

Image Source: Ray Ball

Starting and committing to a healthy diet is one of the hardest and most important jobs we face. After all, we only get one body and it’s imperative that you treat yours with care.

There is never eva' a 100% perfect diet, and you don’t need to either. However, it’s pretty important that you lead a healthy lifestyle. In turn, this will help you live a far happier life too.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get it.

Increase Water Intake

When it comes to healthy eating, we tend to worry about what we are eating. In many cases, though, our drinking habits are the far bigger cause for concern.

The negative health effects of consuming sodas and energy drinks can be very damning. Teaching yourself to trade those choices for water will work wonders for your body image. Moreover, feeling hydrated will give you far greater energy levels too.

Drinking the recommended 2l of water per day will also improve physical appearances. If glowing skin and healthier hair isn’t another great incentive, then I don’t know what is.

Remove The White Substance

OK, so sugar isn’t the worst white substance that people put into their body. But when consumed in excess, it can have a terrible impact on your physique and bodily performances. You need a small amount in your body. Just don’t overdo it.

Switching to natural sweeteners in tea can make a world of difference, especially to weight loss plans. Similarly, learning to bake with those substances will allow you to enjoy the odd treat without the guilt.

The key to successful healthy eating is to gain a better relationship with food. This is definitely one of the best ways to go about it.

Ditch Eating Out

Eating healthily on a day-to-day basis is relatively easy. The real problems start when you head out for food. Not only do you end up eating big, calorie-fuelled portions, but you’ll be tempted to drink too. However, you can easily prevent those issues by hosting friends instead of attending a restaurant.

Hosting a dinner party can still be fun, especially if you eat a healthy BBQ. As well as the improved eating, it’ll be a far more relaxed atmosphere too.

Assuming you don’t go over the top, there’s a good chance that you’ll save a significant amount of money too. What more incentive could you need?


Modern life is frantic. As such, it can be very tempting to throw something simple into the oven. Doing this on occasion is fine. But living on a diet of processed rubbish can be severely disruptive.

Investing in a slow cooker could be one of the smartest moves ever. You can prepare food and leave it to cook while you are at home. Apart from the easy use, the fact you can create fantastic recipes with minimal skill is another huge selling point.

You can always freeze the leftovers to remove cooking time in a few days too.

Stay hungry my friends...

Ray B.


  1. This week I challenged myself to say no to ALL artificial sweets! I have a bad habit of "treating myself" so this was a good challenge for me! Great post!


    1. It's definitely hard to cut out all sugars because it is in EVERYTHING, and artificial sweeteners typically aren't any better...and honestly they taste terrible. I try to stick to local honey if I can, glad you liked the post!

      Ray B.