Home cooking meets TECH!

 Saundra's Kitchen is the newest restaurant turned tech company in Cincy. Before I get anything further I just want to let y'all know how GREAT their food is. Not to mention they are an incredibly eco-friendly and sustainable business. Saundra's Kitchen uses battery operated scooters to deliver the goods and compostable/recyclable utensils, containers, even the bags it's put in. 

The tech side comes in with their awesome app! To order their food simply find the Saundra's Kitchen app in the app store and download your phone. The post their menu for roughly a week in advance. What I personally love best (other than the food) is that their prices are incredibly affordable! I mean $7.00 for a Blackened Salmon Wrap or $3.50 for a side salad! 

One of their top sellers is the Lemon Roasted Chicken, this chicken in all the way perfect and gave me ALL the life with my first bite! When I tell you this is some flava' packed fall off the bone chicken, I'm not lying. Seriously though, you know me, when have I ever lied on my chicken? 
I see why it sells out so easily, the thyme, oregano, and lemon really give it that extra UMPF (no, that's not a real word)...order early my friends. 
This orzo salad was something new for me, I'd never really eaten orzo before and was surprised at how light and airy of a dish it was. This is a perfect summer dish, cool, light, and full of flavor. I especially liked the cheese and fresh greens in it! 

Now this wrap right here? Will change YO WHOLE LIFE. Order it, KEEP the pickled onions they will change your entire outlook on onions, at least get them on the side. Enough said. 

Honestly there are so many other great choices, like the tomato soup, or the pickled veggies, not to mention the hummus an pita! Saundra, Trey, and Elias I love you guys. 

Stay hungry my friends...

Ray B.  

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