Seasons 52 - A Refreshing Take On Fine Dining.

I had the opportunity to visit Seasons52 this week and let me tell you I was completely blown away by everything! I went with my friend Reschelle (if you're looking to buy or sell a home in Cincy, holla at her!), we had so much fun going over the menu an deciding what to order because everything was so yummy sounding.

A few key facts about Seasons52:
Why Seasons52?
- They offer a seasonal menu that changes quite often and there is 52 weeks in a year.
- They don't fry a thang!! How awesome is that?
- Most menu options are 500 calories or below... perfect for my All Summer 16 goals ok hunty!
- They offer a GREAT happy hour with drinks under $7 and small plates for only $5!


 They have such a cool spin on their Caprese Salad, using 3 types of tomatoes, and a panko breaded mozzarella cheese! We couldn't decided on a dressing so in natural Hungry Girl fashion we picked 3 types of dressing (I recommend you do the same). We got their balsamic reduction, a white balsamic, and a pesto dressing; I wish I could say which one was better but they were all so good!

Now you want talk about flat bread game on point... you gotta order the Lobster and mozzarella flatbread!! I also got their Caesar salad with a house made Caesar dressing and large parmesan shaving, and crostini croutons!


These scallops got me all the way right and restored my faith in good portion sizes among upscale restaurants. How many times do you go to fancy places and you get a clean 2 3 scallops for $100, lol. No seriously I was thoroughly impressed by the portions considering the amount of calories in the dishes (which are listed by each dish on the menu).

More importantly the scallops and snap pea's were cooked to perfection. Still crunchy, Still sweet, with a hint of salt, and flavored well. The scallops were tender, sweet, a little bit of crisp and something I will definitely order again!

I'll be honest, the only lamb chop I remember was from the show back in the early 90's. For the record, I had lamb chop sheets and pillow cases! I digress, they were so flavorful and juicy, and again you can see you get a great portion size, just enough to share with bae! The corn risotto underneath was sooooooo full of flava'!!! By that I mean it was sweet from the corn, which is cut off the full cob, but had a great texture from the actual risotto. I can't lie, it was so good that I actually ordered an additional side of it.

I got shooters on deck...

Well Seasons52 does at least. Here's the flavors they had when I visited (in order of my faves):

1. Pecan pie: sweet, salty, crunchy, gooey, full of love and all things good on this earth.
2. Double Chocolate S'more: well I'm chocolate so it's only right that I love it. Chocolate cake, sort of dense, chocolate mousse, and well a bit of love as well.
3. Creme Brûlée: sticky crunchy sugar topping, filled with a creme filling and fancy cherries at the bottom that yielded a tart yet sweet flavor.
4. Strawberry Cannoli: Cannoli filling surrounded by strawberry with the pastry on top and sprinkled with chocolate chips!
*** I did not taste the following ***
5. Tiramisu
6. Chocolate nuts
7. Fresh fruit

I'd never eaten at Seasons52 before this trip and now they have a fan for life! Next date night, girls night, happy hour or celebration you have to add Seasons52 to your list! Let's not forget to shout out Andrew our server...he was seriously the best! Not only was he knowledgeable about the entire menu, but incredibly friendly and more than gracious. What we liked most about the staff was their friendliness. They didn't treat us like people just eating, but like friends.

Stay hungry my friends...

Ray B.

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