FLASH RECIPE: Easy Shrimp and Grits

This week I woke up feeling like shrimp and grits for breffis (breakfast, lol)! It's super easy to make but like most people everything comes down to having time to prepare it. Another obstacle I typically face is not having all the ingredients that I need, this particular morning ya girl had everything!

In the grits I put in bacon bits and Colby Jack cheese. I LOVE bacon but I don't always like to fry or bake bacon for that matter. Bacon bits have low key saved my recipes lately another reason I like using bacon bits is that they are lower in calories than using an actual strip of bacon. Since it's real bacon your food still gets all the flavor with less fat and calories in it.

Here's how I made it:

5-7 deveined raw shrimp
3 tablespoons of grits
3/4 cup of water
1/2 tablespoon of Cajun Seasoning
1/2 tablespoon of Mesquite seasoning (I used McCormicks)
2 tablespoons shredded cheese of your choice
1 tablespoon of bacon bits


1. Boil water for grits, add in about 1 teaspoon of salt, then add in bacon bits as water boils. Cook grits as stated on directions. Once grits have cooked add in shredded cheese, cover and let sit.
2. Wash off shrimp. Pat dry.
3. Add in Cajun and Mesquite seasoning coat all pieces of shrimp evenly.
4. Heat a nonstick pan on medium. Add in shrimp one piece at a time and cook on each side until they are bright pink.
5. Place grits in bowl, pour shrimp and juice over grits. You can top with more cheese, add some paprika or parsley over it for a little extra flavor!

Now if you really want to get fancy you can always add in some pepper jack cheese or use some smoked gouda! You could also cook some extra bacon bits with the shrimp then top the grits... matter of fact I may just do that next time with some onions and bell peppers...

So as you can see I often get off on creative food tangents, but when you luh food as much as I do you can't help it. Enjoy this recipe and let me know if you try anything new with this recipe!

Stay hungry my friends...

Ray B.


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