How A Hungry Girl defeats Hanger.

(This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Extend Nutrition. The opinions and text are all mine.)

As you all know I'm the OG triple OG Hungry Girl and my hunger is typically on 10. Hanger (hungry + anger) is a real thing and can only be cured with a dose of food. The thing is, I'm pretty busy, I mean honestly who isn't these days? It's hard to always pack my lunch or meal prep all these healthy snacks in cute Tupperware containers that match, with a custom lunch box. On my quest to find something easier, convenient, AND healthy, I found Extend Nutrition Bars. Extend Nutrition Bars are packed with protein, gluten free, and sugar free or low sugar naturally sweetened with Stevia, plus their scientific formula has a very low glycemic index.  Now normally I would not, I repeat would not, recommend a protein type bar because most of them cause my stomach to hurt. But, when it comes to long-lasting energy, these Extend Bars help keep my life moving AND they taste so good; you don't even know there’s a ton of science behind the formula. 

I got my gallbladder taken out when I was 19 and ever since then I've really had to restrict my diet and be careful about the things I eat.
What I also like about Extend Bars is how they help keep my blood sugar from dropping. Extend Nutrition snacks are designed to outlast other nutritional products - the secret is the scientifically developed Nutra9 Blend™ of ingredients, a patented combination of proteins, fats and complex carbohydrates clinically proven to help control blood sugar for up to 9 hours.

Another little secret, when I was in college I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia (my blood sugar drops, hence my hanger). The only reason I went to the doctor was because I was abnormally tired, irritable, got these weird chills and clammy, but the scariest part was getting dizzy in the weight room. At that time, I was a student strength and conditioning coach at the University I attended and getting dizzy showing someone how to hang clean just wasn’t the biz. These bars really do help me get through those periods where I’m in between meals and I need to get my blood sugar together. Keeping your blood sugar in check is KEY to your health people! Stable blood sugar provides these 3 key benefits:

1.     Naturally controls hunger and prevents sugar cravings aiding in weight management
2.     Manages diabetes by preventing dangerous highs and lows
3.     Provides long-lasting energy for busy people or sport fitness enthusiasts

So basically all those times when I'm hangry, my blood sugar is just low and my body is all stressed out, which then stresses me out, now I'm mad and hungry. Either feed the beast or fully expect me to whip a bar out of my purse. Got it? Good!! It's pretty easy to find Extend Nutrition Bars, just go to the “diabetes nutrition” section near the pharmacy in Walmart and Walgreens nationwide. Or, even easier, you can grab them online at and! If you're like me, you're a “try before you buy” type of person, right? Well lucky for you, you can try out an Extend Bar on the house! Head to THIS link to request one for free! 

The hardest thing, and the best thing, about food blogging is actually eating food. I love that I've been able to transition into a more lifestyle role and can really be more transparent and not limit myself to just eating (which I always do anyway). I guess what I'm saying is, I'm glad I'm able to share my struggles and wins with you guys. My sappy moment is over now.

As I was typing this I found out you can snag you a bar for the freeskie, aka free .99, aka it doesn't cost you a thing. I'm so dramatic. Whether you train or you're a trainer, have diabetes (Type 1 or Type 2), want to manage weight loss, heck even if you’re just hungry like me, do yourself a small favor and get with the #NoCrashSnack (that's the cutest hashtag ever). Click here to treat yo self!

For the record, my fave flavor is the only one not pictured. Cookies & Cream gave me a tad of life as I was up working last night around 1:00am and the hunger set in. But there are plenty of other flavors out there to choose from - Chocolate & Caramel, Cookies & Cream (YAS!), Yogurt & Berry, Yogurt & Lemon, Actually I think I just wanted to eat something because it was there, luckily I had a bar in my bag! To be honest it doesn't matter if you want to lose weight, manage your diabetes (type 1 or 2), or be like me and just need some extra energy throughout the day – or night - Extend Bars have your back!

Join me on social and use #NoCrashSnack and be part of our community! So, go follow them on social to stay up to date on all things Extend Nutrition! 

Stay hungry my friends...

Young Ray

Extend Nutrition Bars - #NoCrashSnack Free Bar Offer