"My Stomach Hurts" ... here's why!

Food is a big part of my life, clearly... and I’m sure it’s a big part of your life too. It is the source of our energy, our good health, and our well-being. Here's the deal, there are tons of so-called foods out there that are really the enemy. They cause health problems instead of providing nutrients your busy body (pun intended) actually needs. I'm a sucker for sweets and things that are easy to grab, especially when I don't prep (aka pack my lunch and snacks).

As some of you may know at 19 I got my gallbladder taken out after nearly 10 months of severe stomach pain, vomiting, weight loss, I mean I looked sickly from all the weight I lost. I went from an athletic 150lbs to nearly 130lbs in a few months. After getting my gallbladder removed I thought, SWEET, I can go back to eating whatever I wanted. FALSE. In fact things got worse for me after surgery.

I had to dramatically cut down on things I used to enjoy everyday like:
1 - Coffee - I damn near immediately have to hit the ladies room, plus I like cream in my coffee.
2 - Hot sauce - nope, I don't have swag nor carry it in my bag. There's only one brand I can eat that doesn't irritate my stomach - Red Hot!
3 - Fried/Greasy food - either I get sick from it because I over indulge or I just limit the amount I eat. Pizza is still the only 'unhealthy' food that doesn't make me sick, which is why I love it so much!
4 - Overly seasoned food that's spicy - think jerk chicken. Gosh, I love jerk chicken, but my stomach thinks otherwise.

Here's a quick rundown of tummy friends and fakes:


Some of the foods we know that are our friends can also become foes in large quantities. Fruit is packed with nutrients like vitamin C that can be essential for our good health. Sadly, many fruits are also packed with natural sugars. Fructose, in particular, can be very unhealthy in large quantities. It can be just as difficult to process in our bodies as alcohol and cause the same type of problems for our livers. So basically eat the fruit, but also understand that the sugar content could be bad if you overindulge in it.

Vegetables, however, are rarely as sweet and problematic. In fact, most vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals that our bodies and tummies love. Most importantly they contain a lot of the fiber we need for good digestive health. The trouble is they’re not very filling. We need to eat them in large quantities to get the goodness they contain. This means we need to eat them alongside other types of food. Fortunately, the fiber in veggies can counter some of the problems fatty foods like meat and bread can cause.


Problems digesting food can stem from the food itself. You might think that spicy foods are a big problem, but there are many health benefits from eating spices. So how can you enjoy the heat without the pain? Small quantities are best if you regularly suffer an upset tummy. Bland diets are too boring to stick with for long. Instead, let your stomach rest for a few days before trying again. Of course, if you are still suffering stomach pain, it’s best to consult your doctor.

An irritable tummy or irritable bowel syndrome (don't be grossed out, millions of folks have IBS) can be made worse by the foods you eat. Processed or packet foods are one of the worst culprits. We eat them because they are convenient, but they’re definitely not friendly to a tender tummy. Good bacteria in your tummy can help here, so try the best probiotics for IBS that you can get hold of. Supplements might be able to support your digestive system and enable you to enjoy a more rounded healthy diet, without the IBS discomforts.

Did you know that alcohol and coffee can cause stomach cramps and pains too? Chocolate and bread and many other things we usually consume might be the cause of your indigestion. Try to avoid these for a while then reintroduce them one at a time in small quantities. You’ll soon find out which to cut out permanently.

Good digestion is aided by exercise and plenty of water. Try to include these in your day every day. Keep your tummy happy with good food.

Stay hungry my friends...

Young Ray 

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